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Our Vision —
To be a caring church uniting people in Christ

      Our Values:

  • Worshipping joyfully, praying and studying the Scriptures.
  • Preaching God's Word with relevance and challenge.
  • Recognising and using the gifts of God's Holy Spirit.
  • Growing as disciples of Christ and in discerning His will.
  • Acknowledging God's creation and our responsibility for its preservation.
  • Including all people as recipients of God's grace and welcome in our fellowship.
  • Caring for each other and serving the wider community.

Paama Seaside Church

In Partnership with Paama Seaside Church,
Port Vila, Vanuatu



 Sunday 16th August
There will be no physical service in the church,
(see below)
9:30am Online service
Lectionary Readings
Genesis 45:1-15; Psalm 133;
Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32; Matthew 15: (10-20), 21-28

Online Services can be viewed on our YouTube page
The text of this and previous sermons is available HERE

Meetings in the church remain suspended

Over the last week the incidence of active COVID-19 cases in our area has risen. It is particularly concerning that some of this rise is among children and young people. This is contrary to the perception that children are less likely to suffer from the coronavirus. This is a considerable change from the stability of the last three weeks.
There are many residents of Castle Hill who are students at the two schools affected in Cherrybrook and Parramatta.

As a consequence, I once again have to advise that we cannot resume activities in the church premises. The proximity of recent infections means that it is most unlikely that any resumption will occur in the short term. We will continue to broadcast prerecorded services each week and invite you to join us at the service and at the Zoom morning tea.
I know that you join with me in praying for those in our community who are directly affected by this virus and for those who are suffering in isolation as we act to protect each other from its spread.

—Bryan Mullan, Safe Church Coordinator

Rev John Barr
Rev John Barr
Contact Details:
  Email Minister:     minister@wesleycastlehill.org.au
  Email Office:     admin@wesleycastlehill.org.au
  Telephone:   (02) 9894 8999      Tues - Fri,  9:30 - 2:30 
  Mail:  PO Box 515, Castle Hill 1765

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Thought of the Week:

'Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.’ Proverbs 3:5-6 (NLT)
So often we try to figure things out for ourselves. We seek to master understanding, instead of seeking the Master. Our lives are a bit like a seesaw. As our trust in the Master Jesus goes up, such feelings as fear and worry go down. At such times as we are experiencing now we need to trust with all our heart.
Pause, for as long as it takes, and allow yourself to experience the blessing of trusting in God.

Current News

New books in the Church Library
Marathon Wheeler by Heather Coombes
Many of us will remember Rev. Heather Coombes, who was a part-time minister at our church in the 1990s. She did not let the limitations of Cerebral Palsy stand in the way of seeking a meaningful career, which included becoming a Minister in the Uniting Church, and undertaking many pastoral and chaplaincy positions.

Heather writes candidly and entertainingly about the many facets of her life - the blessings she received from her congregations, colleagues, and strangers - and when the difficult times came, the blessing of God who was always close. Rather than saying she has overcome her difficulties, she prefers to say that it is an ongoing pilgrimage. But it is one that she has taken on with great determination, finding much joy along the way.
Her authentic, friendly style is a great encouragement all of us as we encounter others with different abilities from those we take for granted.

Thanks to Elaine Charlton for this addition to our Library.

The Triumph of Christianity by Bart D. Ehrman
How did a religion whose first believers were twenty or so illiterate day labourers in a remote part of the Roman Empire become the dominant religion of the West, converting around 30 million people in just four centuries? Bart D. Ehrman is a professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina and a leading authority on the New Testament and the history of Christianity.

This book provides great hope for the future and a much clearer picture of the rate of conversion needed to build the Kingdom of God. Based on the statistics if 100 people convert 3.4 people each and every year then 1000 Christians become 6 million people in 260 years. At the beginning it was and today it still remains, that the most effective way of growth is by each one of us seeking to encourage one other in their faith journey. Individuals sharing with other individuals what it means to be Christian. Out of a continuing desire for church growth I commend this book now donated to the church library.

Thanks to Ian Parkin for this addition to our Library.

You are still welcome to visit the Library inside the church, just ask at the Office for access while we can't meet there.

Free Verandah Library
While we have cancelled our usual May Garage Sale, we are making some books and jigsaw puzzles available in our free library, on the verandah of McPhail Cottage (at the bottom of the Kentwell Avenue carpark).
Please borrow and return books or puzzles at your leisure.
We have donated some Garage Sale items to other charities where they can be used to meet an immediate need, and continue to find ways to use them to help.

Preschool Book Fair
Wesley Preschool is having a Book Fair from 11th to 21st August. A selection of Children's Books are on display in the Conference Room. A commission on the sales will go to the Preschool toward the purchase of more books for their use.
Please call Jane Harvey on 9634 5282 for access to the room (limited numbers at a time, hygiene etc apply).

Newscope is being produced each week, and is being emailed to members, or recent issues can be downloaded here.

For the duration of the Coronavirus restrictions,
please note that in-person meetings are suspended again, but when it is safe to resume, leaders of the groups will contact members as details become available.

Message from Church Council
Although we have had to discontinue meetings in the church building at 9:00am, we will continue to make our recorded online services available, 9:30 on Sunday mornings. You can find them all in the same place as last week, at our page on YouTube.com.

The many teams in the church are working hard to keep in touch with all of the congregation while we are separated by the virus.
We are organising a Morning Tea after Church each Sunday, using the videoconferencing platform Zoom. We will send notices each week by mail or email to let you know how you can keep in touch.
Bryan Mullan — Secretary to Church Council

Playgroups are suspended during the current restrictions on gatherings

Have you considered Giving Direct?
There is information and a link to download a form here.

Meet a Member short bio of members read more..

Newscope weekly newsletter is available for download here

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