Walks are held once a month, on a Saturday (usually the 3rd), in the Sydney Harbour area, or in outer areas including the Australian bushland.

Previous walks have included Cockatoo Island, Dangar Island, Macquarie Lighthouse, and Watson's Bay, Springwood and Minnamurra Falls.

New walkers are very welcome! 
Please complete a registration form on your first walk.

  • Walkers are required to register no later than the Thursday night before each walk
  • All walks are graded
  • If unsure about weather conditions phone on the morning of the walk.
  • It is your personal responsibility to determine your ability to participate in a walk.  If unsure, have a chat with one of the organisers.
  • Transport will vary: car, ferry, bus or train.
  • Cost is $4 per walk plus other transport fees as applicable and your own expenses, unless otherwise specified.

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On a sunny day, a tree is good for shelter

...and when it rains, an umbrella will do

Updated 20th November 2022