Wesley Market Days

Our Aim:

To continue and expand the engagement of Wesley Church with the community, which has been built up over 50 years on our Showground Road site.

What is a Wesley Community Market Day?

Wesley is part of a broader community. Our Community Market Day will be a way of building a stronger relationship with individuals and groups in our community.

What will a Wesley Community Market Day look like?

At each Community Market Day there will be:
  • Stalls run by community groups from The Hills. It might be the SES, Rotary, Women’s Shelters, Men’s or Women’s Sheds or some of the many other service groups in our community,
  • Wesley stalls contained within McPhail Cottage,
  • A regular stall by Wesley Preschool,
  • Food, both the traditional BBQ and vegan or vegetarian food stalls,
  • Morning and afternoon tea, and
  • Entertainment provided by local groups.
There may be other aspects to the Community Market Day. What happens will be dependent on those who organise the Community Market Days and those who volunteer to assist in managing the different aspects of the market.

How can I be involved?

We need a range of skills to make the Community Market Day happen. We will need people to work on our stalls in McPhail cottage, prepare tea and coffee, cook the BBQ and, most of all, we need ideas and willing hands to involve Wesley more in our community and involve our community more in Wesley.

If you would like to assist, or if you want to know more, please contact Bryan Mullan, or the Office at admin@wesleycastlehill.org.au. There will be an opportunity for those who want to be involved or want to know more in the near future. Advice will be provided through Newscope.

Updated 25th September 2022