Lawnmowing Roster

(red area)
(blue area)
(green area)
Site plan
31 Oct 2020 Harvey Weir David van Arkel Peter Smith site plan
14 Nov 2020Harvey WeirRobert CasePhil Laing
28 Nov 2020Harvey WeirPaul ByleveldDavid van Arkel
12 Dec 2020Harvey WeirPeter SmithRobert Case
26 Dec 2020Harvey WeirPhil LaingPaul Byleveld
9 Jan 2021David van ArkelDavid van ArkelPeter Smith
23 Jan 2021Harvey WeirRobert CasePhil Laing
6 Feb 2021Harvey WeirPaul ByleveldDavid van Arkel
20 Feb 2021Harvey WeirPeter SmithRobert Case
6 Mar 2021Harvey WeirPhil LaingPaul Byleveld
20 Mar 2021Harvey WeirDavid van ArkelPeter Smith
3 Apr 2021Harvey WeirRobert CasePhil Laing
17 Apr 2021Harvey WeirPaul ByleveldDavid van Arkel
1 May 2021Harvey WeirPeter SmithRobert Case
15 May 2021Harvey WeirPhil LaingPaul Byleveld
29 May 2021Harvey WeirDavid van ArkelPeter Smith
12 Jun 2021Harvey WeirRobert CasePhil Laing
26 Jun 2021Harvey WeirPaul ByleveldDavid van Arkel
10 Jul 2021Harvey WeirPeter SmithRobert Case
24 Jul 2021Harvey WeirPhil LaingPaul Byleveld
Due to travel restrictions, the grounds roster is suspended at present

Church Equipment
The Church's lawn mowers (including a Toro self propelled & Honda 21"), edgers & blower are located in the garage under the church. Fuel is also available, but if you are able to provide your own that would be appreciated. Please be careful to use the correct fuel for the machines (4 / 2 stroke).

Weddings and other Special Occasions
When it is your turn to do the front or side lawn areas please check the church notice board in the foyer for special functions that may be occuring on that weekend, as it may be necessary to do the mowing prior to the weekend.

The dates above are Saturdays, but feel free to do it on another day if it suits you better, and swap with someone or contact me if you will be away when it is your turn.

Thank you very much for your valuable contribution to the church. If you have any questions please call me.

Robert Case

Lawn Area Descriptions (refer also the site plan)

  • Front - Front of the Church & beside Church (western side of the driveway).
  • Side - Behind & beside the White House (east side of the driveway).
  • Back - Rear of the Church Hall facing Worthing Ave and down the side of the west driveway.

Job Description
Trim along fences, walls, paths etc., mow lawns and sweep up. Please put grass clippings in the garbage bins if there is enough room, or take them away. Cutting without using a catcher is fine too.

Updated 24 August 2021