Youth and Young Adults

Our Aim:

To provide a creative, caring, challenging environment where young people and young families can learn more about and get closer to God and each other.


Our Goals:

  • To provide a safe place, which is fun and creative.
  • To provide a support network of both peers and mentors.
  • Provide a spiritual place where young people can feel comfortable.
  • Challenge their discipleship in a deeper way.
  • Encourage young people to use their spiritual gifts to serve the church and community.
What's happening for youth and young people at Wesley?
Young Adults
Ages 18 up, as long as you still feel young!
Meeting on a Friday night, a diverse group of people, the Young adults group is called The Wesley YA M.I.S.F.I.T.S. (Many Individuals Seeking Friendships In This Society).
A Comfortable, Creative, Caring, Community
Contact via https://discord.gg/GQ3RpTbnMg

Young people of high school age This group is called 'FUSE', and meet in person at the church, every two weeks on a Friday night, with a wide variety of activities. Tom, Ben, Lindsay with others assisting from time to time.
Kids@Wesley Children from ages about 3-12 years meet in church, then move to suitable activities during the service, and return at the end of the service to share what they have been doing. Lynette

Updated 21st January 2024