Vanuatu Partnership

Linkage with Paama Seaside Presbyterian Church, Vanuatu
and the Paama School

As a church we have made connections with the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu under the guidance of Uniting World which is the overseas mission group of the Uniting church.

Continuing support for Paama Seaside from Wesley

2021, Trivia Night

In 2021, Covid-19 is causing disruptions to travel around the world. Vanuatu relies heavily on tourism, and also on some seasonal workers travelling to Australia to work. Bothe these sources of income are severely restricted.

While Wesley is under lockdown due to these restrictions, an online Trivia Night iwas held on 28th August, as an activity for our own members, and to raise funds to help our friends in Vanuatu.

We were very excited to have approximately 80 people on line to enjoy some covid lockdown relief. Special thanks also go to Mike Allen for helping with the trivia questions & marking, Nerida Sanders for preparing a video sharing details of our visits to Vanuatu and the need for fundraising, and to Ashleigh Armstrong for preparing some additional games for us to share on the night.

This event raised $4445 to assist with these children's education. An outstanding result and thank you all for your support and contributions.

2017, Cyclone Cook causes less damage than 2015

Reports of the effects of Cyclone Cook suggest that the damage was not as bad as that of Pam. That may have something to do with the more substantial nature of some of the reconstructed buildings.

Another Visit in 2017

A further visit to Vanuatu in August 2017, enabled us to strengthen our ties with the local community, and help them with building and painting work, and also with children's activities in their church.

2015, A group visited from 27 June to 6 July

When Cyclone Pam hit Vanuatu, the people of the community packed into the church like sardines, and this is what saved their lives as the building had only been completed two years earlier. The old church was completely destroyed. Although Cyclone Pam did not destroy the main church or school buildings, considerable damage has been done to out buildings and most homes lost their roofs and suffered huge water damage. Most of the community's possessions were either blown away or water damaged.

Support helps students, and delegates to NCYC in Australia

Last year funds were provided by the Wesley Castle Hill Vanuatu committee to pay for the uniforms and school fees for 18 students in Vanuatu. With financial support from Wesley, groups from Vanuatu have been assisted to come to Australia for the National Christian Youth Convention. One of the young men who came in 2011 decided to become a minister and we have paid for his training in Fiji. He is now a graduate, and after ministering in Port Vila for some time, he has gone to India as a missionary.

Small loans, financed by Women@Wesley, help Vanuatu women start small businesses

We have sent over money especially for small loans and this money has come from our Women's Fellowship. It is women from Wesley to women of Paama Seaside. These loans have meant that a group of women are raising chooks who are breeding and multiplying and producing eggs. Eggs are very expensive in Vanuatu. This will become a much needed source of income to the women. The other loan went to the women running the little shop, providing the initial funds to set up their stall.

For more information please contact: the Wesley Church office on 9894 8999

In 2018, the Paama School celebrated its 10th Anniversary. Some pictures are below.

Updated 3rd September 2021