Special events, courses and seminars:

From time to time we notify of special events, courses and seminars that are available
either in our church, or elsewhere in the community

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 Forum: Spirituality and Ageing

Rev. Peter Pereira
from UnitingCare (Ageing)

Sunday 25th November 2012
At Wesley Castle Hill

  Peter Pereira preached at the 9:30am service, and then took part in a panel discussion to discuss issues of ageing, and responded to questions from the congregation.

The Uniting Church seeks to value and care for the whole person, including the soul, for the whole of life. Modern societies often value and care for their elders in a different way from the practice in some traditional cultures.

As Director of Mission of UnitingCare NSW-ACT, Peter is able to bring a broad overview to this topic.

  Professor John Dominic Crossan will be lecturing on

The Power of Parable—
How Fiction BY Jesus, became Fiction ABOUT Jesus

Location: Pitt Street Uniting Church
Dates: 4th to 7th September 2012

Friday 7th, Jesus the Christ — Fact and Interpretation
1:30 to 3:30 at Centre for Ministry, North Paramatta

  Born in Ireland, educated in Ireland and United States, Dr John Dominic Crossan has undertaken post-doctoral research in Rome and Jerusalem.
An ordained priest from 1957 to 1969, he is now Emeritus Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at DePaul University, Chicago.

His latest book explores the theory that the New Testament parables not only reveal what Jesus wanted to teach but also provide the key for explaining how the Gospels' writers sought to explain Jesus to the world...

The Power of Parable, Harper Collins, published March 2012

  Philosopher, storyteller and theologian Peter Rollins
will be speaking at several venues

30th September to 3rd October 2012

"to believe is human;
to doubt divine"

Peter Rollins is an Irish writer, lecturer, theologian, and philosopher who is associated with the emerging church movement and postmodern Christianity. He is currently a research associate with Trinity College Dublin and works for the Olson Foundation.
from Wikipedia, August 2012

More information, see Page 20 of the August Insights, or email rollinsydney@gmail.com.

Rev Graham Long — of the Wayside Chapel

Graham preached at our 9:30am service on Sunday 27th May 2012, and led a seminar from 11am.

  The Wayside Chapel has provided hospitality, unconditional love, care and support for people on and around the streets of Kings Cross since 1964.
It caters for the needs for food, clothing, counselling and referrals, or just a chat and a coffee, for thousands of people.

We invited Graham to talk to us about hospitality, and we explored with him the opportunities we might find in our community.

Audio files of Graham's sermon and conversation can be downloaded -
see opposite
   mp3, 2.2MB  0 - Extracts from Sermon (12:30)
   mp3, 3.8MB  1 - Full Sermon (16:49)
   mp3, 3.6MB  2 - Graham's life as a failed postman 97;46)
   mp3, 3.1MB  3 - Wayside Chapel - Life and Times (6:39)
   mp3, 472KB  4 - Mission here and there (0:59)
   mp3, 1.5MB  5 - Meetings, Experiences, and Life in the Spirit (3:19)
   mp3, 1.4MB  6 - If you let a leader lead, you might see the church do things (3:07)
   mp3, 1.4MB  7 - Love over Hate #1: and how the Holy Spirit works (3:07)
   mp3, 2.5MB  8 - Love over Hate #2: The best piece of equipment is a spare pair of socks (5:32)
   mp3, 2.8MB  9 - A community with no us and them - and one minute to midnight (6:10)
   mp3, 3.1MB  10 - Loneliness in our community: presents and presence (6:50)
   mp3, 1.6MB  11 - Meeting people v Fixing problems (3:29)
   mp3, 3.3MB  12 - Learning to love ourselves - intentional outcome or accidental byproduct (7:11)
   mp3, 916kB  13 - Truth and experience - does God care about what we say we believe, or what we do? (1:56)
   mp3, 752kB 
Some questions and Answers

14 - How do you feel at the end of the day? (1:35)
   mp3, 1.5MB  15 - And what of your family? (3:19)
   mp3, 1.5MB  16 - Trust, community, fun (3:19)
   mp3, 744kB  17 - Vote of thanks, and Church as a tea-break: Life as Mission (1:34)

Living the Questions 2 — A further four parts of the series
A small-group exploration of progressive Christianity

  Following the series conducted by Rhonda in March-April and in June 2011, we held a further four sessions in November 2011.

Nov 10 - Out into the world: challenges facing progressive Christians

Nov 17 - Out into the World (continued)

Nov 24 - Restoring relationships

Dec 1 - The prophetic Jesus

More details about Living the Questions at http://www.livingthequestions.com/xcart/home.php?cat=366.

greg jenks

The Relevance of the Bible Today
at Wesley, Sunday 30th October 2011, 9:30 - 1pm
with Dr Greg Jenks
, Author of The Once and Future Bible and Academic Dean at St Francis Theological College, Brisbane

The King James Bible is 400 years old this year. It was the standard English Protestant Bible for more than three centuries, but now there is a plethora of newer translations and paraphrases.

The language has changed, but attitudes to the Bible have also changed; some translations rely on scholarship to interpret parts of the message, and translators look to strike a balance between accurate representation of the original text, interpretation of the original culture, and readability of the text in today's culture.

As parts of the scriptures are translated into the native language of many smaller language groups, the tensions between the original language and comprehension in real life are brought into sharper focus.

A few generations ago, most people grew up with some familiarity in the 16th-century English of the KJV and Shakespeare, but today many find it unfamiliar. The task today is to find its meaning, and its relevance, to everyday life.