Learning about the Christian Life

Classes are open to people of all ages,
and at all stages on their spiritual journey

These classes are a pathway for people at all stages of their spiritual life, or without any previous experience of spirituality, as well as existing members and those seeking to increase their understanding of faith.

The classes provide an opportunity to learn more about the Uniting Church, and about the Christian faith in general.


Baptism is a symbolic way of introducing a person (usually a baby or young child) into the Church family. Parents express their intention to raise their children in an environment consistent with Christian values, until they come to an age where they can choose to make their own decisions and, if they choose, confirm the promises made on their behalf at baptism. Adult baptism is also available for those who were not baptised as young people.

Baptism echoes the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River, by John the Baptist, at the beginning of his ministry. Some churches perform baptism by full immersion in water, but the Uniting Church and many others ceremonially pour a little water on the head of the person.

Baptisms at Wesley take place as part of the Sunday morning congregational service. This is to fulfill the requirements of the Uniting Church, that the congregation be charged with the responsibility of providing a place for children at all times.


Anyone who wishes to confirm the promises made at their baptism, can attend the classes on Christian Life, to learn more about the Uniting Church and the Christian faith in general. Then if they wish to, Wesley can offer a Confirmation service during one of the normal Sunday services.

If you would like to enquire about these classes,
please contact the office or the Minister.

Call the Church office on 9894 8999 for further information.

Updated 18th April 2022