Retirees' Club

The Retirees’ Club at Wesley Uniting Church meets on the
second Friday of every month, usually from 5 pm to 7 pm.
(except January and December)

The time was chosen to enable those attending to be available to "baby-sit" grandchildren if so required. There are over 80 people who have attended the meetings in recent times, with an average attendance of 50 to 55.
The meetings take the form of either a speaker or some appropriate activity - and we have a lot of laughs. We conclude the meetings with a shared basket supper brought by those present.
All retired people are welcome to attend whether linked with Wesley or not.

 Contact person for enquiries: Brian Wigg, 9871 3497

Program of meetings for 2019
(time 5pm to 7pm
unless noted)
Activity Meal arrangements
8th February Guest Speaker Doug Minty
'All you ever wanted to know about clocks'
12th April Guest Speaker Ambre Hammond, Girl Piano Truck

She is performing as Girl Piano Truck heading to outback Australia.

Bring and share a meal
10th May Guest Speakers: Robert and Rosalie Taylor
(from the Homicide Victims Support Group).
We look forward to welcoming any newcomers to our group.

This group was formed back in 1993 when the parents of Anita Cobby and Ebony Simpson were introduced to each other. They recognised the very real need to set up an organisation which could offer counselling, support and information to families and friends of homicide victims throughout NSW.

Bring and share a meal
14th June, 12 noon Lunch outing to Quakers Hill Inn Lunch at Quakers Inn
(Remaining 2019 meetings as they come to hand)

Past speakers have included Myrna Dodd, ‘Golden Days of Radio’; Steve Walker, ‘Magician Extraordinaire’, and Steven Carruthers, ‘Japanese Submarine Raiders, Sydney 1942 – A Maritime Mystery’. All were excellent.

Activities have included ‘Talking Heads – Who Am I’; ‘Bingo With a Difference’; ‘Line Dancing’, and a ‘Trivia Night’.

Committee for 2019

Chairperson, and Dinner Coordinator Brian and Virginia Wigg
Secretary Warren Charlton
Treasurer Elaine Charlton

Updated 6th May 2019